Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Goods Recently Arrived in Photo Checkout

Students -

Photo checkout now has available several new items which may be of use to you. Those of you who have been frequently checking out light meters may already be aware that we've acquired another pair of Sekonic L758s (PDF of the manual is available here), but we've also picked up a couple more basic lightmeters: a pair of Gossen Digiflash meters. These are very small and simple meters, and as such I suspect that some of you will love them dearly for their portability and simplicity, and others among you will regard them with a frothing hatred for their lack of advanced features and basic interface. I would advise having a look at them before you have need for a light meter to determine if it's the sort of meter you'd like or not. The instruction manual is available here (PDF), and of course you can stop by photo checkout to give one a test drive.

On the color management side of things, there's a new Spyder3 Elite available for (in-building) checkout to address your laptop display calibration needs, and a trio of X-Rite Colorchecker Passports.

Checkout also has a couple new Vivitar 285HVs. These are non-dedicated flashes that can be used on just about any camera with a flash shoe or PC socket... except for that goofy Sony/Minolta "inside out" flash shoe design. These are essentially manual flashes, and though they have some Auto features, they won't give you any sort of TTL functionality, so you might want to study up on the manual, which is available in checkout. I couldn't find a Vivitar-provided online manual for the 285HV, but there is a manual for a prior version (though same model number) located here (PDF).

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