Wednesday, October 27, 2010

another image for senior


hunter said...

fragility of identity right? these seem to be beginning to explore not only the potential fragility/amibiguity of identity but also how human identity and Being can be universal...from this image i interpret a strong sense of sexuality that can in some ways represent an individual but almost always represents our very nature as human beings...i see that theme coming to life in a variety of ways; not just sexually, but perhaps more on the lines of "fragile yet connected," an exploration of our social and metaphysical inclinations...?

Jace said...

an exploration of our social and metaphysical inclinations is a good way of putting it. the intent of this project is for others to relate to the images in any way they relate to themselves and their own inclinations so i enjoy that you are getting that reading out of it though i don't want to say my true intentions with this specific image cause it would taint yours. thanx for the eloquent critique