Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learning experiance inside another

Hey guys, thought I'd share this little lesson with you guys. Ive got an assignment with MSU News Services right now where I'm photographing grad. students for a brochure that they are putting together. This is one of Amin Nehrir a grad student in the one of the engineering departments. He's working with and building lasers that are fired up into the sky and measure particles and moisture in the atmosphere. The laser that he's using in the background as I was photographing was messing with the sync of my strobes. It caught me off guard at first because everything was set right and I had done a few test shots that were fine. Blocking the laser light from the command unit on my camera solved the problem and I ended up with some good images. Something to do with frequency that the laser was firing at messes with the infared signal the strobes use to communicate. Fun eh?

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Cam said...

HA! wow.. Yeah I guess watch out around lasers