Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Web Site

Hey! I finally have a web site. I know it needs some work, but please let me know what you guys think... Thanks!


Bek said...

I'm glad you got one! It looks really great with your black & white senior images.

Two things I don't like:
1. The links on the left are a little finicky
2. I have to scroll down a little to see the bottom of your page

Bek said...

May I ask who's hosting your site?

Nubia Garcia said...

Thanks for the comments Bek!!! I will work on that :D Oh and I am hosting with blu domain.. great company... really cheap too!!

Bayard said...

I like the images you chose for your galleries. The image of the worker in front of his car and several of your landscape shots are my favorites.

I would suggest running your sharpening method of choice on all images before they go online.

Take a look at the portrait of the boy with the accordion and the worker in front of his car, they look soft, but will probably be fine after sharpening.