Friday, December 11, 2009


Okay guys, there are still a bunch of posters down in Checkout. THIS IS YOUR SENIOR SHOW! Get down to checkout and grab some posters to hang today and tomorrow. THE SHOW IS TUESDAY AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MANY POSTERS ARE LEFT! Chalet Sports Naked Noodle Cactus Records The Baucus The Baucus wine Bar The Canery Tarentinos The Bent Lens F-11 The Leaf and Bean on Main City Brew The Leaf and Bean on 19th And some of the SUB ALREADY HAVE POSTERS. Someone needs to go to the dorms, someone needs to go to the Dean's office. There are tons of coffee shops around town. The art building needs some posters, also what about all the Bars we hang out at, Has anyone hit up the Molly Brown, Pour House, Mixers, CatsPaw??? And with the leftover postcards we have I think we should pass what's left out on Monday during our lunch break to people eating in the SUB cafeteria. I'm going to try and take more around to some businesses tonight but you guys need to get in gear. Be proud of your work and advertise for YOUR show. See you in critique. Hearts and Rainbows, Amanda

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