Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outside Bozeman Magazine

For those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you, I am an intern at Outside Bozeman Magazine and I have gotten several images published. Check out the MSU pocket guide that should be all over campus starting next week where I have a bunch of photos. I should have several in the fall issue as well, and beyond getting published, I have learned a ton about how magazines work and I am getting some awesome experience. Anyone who has not done any sort of internship or worked for a professional photographer or a magazine before, I strongly recommend that you consider it. The experience is invaluable and you will have the opportunity to build some great contacts for your future. This photo is from a shoot I did with one of our editorial interns on a climb called Diesel Driver in Gallatin Canyon and might run in the fall issue.


Jace said...

that's badass that you are getting out there ian. we all need to be getting experience like that. as far as the image, it's okay. as a climber and an occasional amateur climbing photographer, i feel like the vantage point on this one is disorienting and uninformative. climbing is about movement and a personal connection/struggle, of which i am having trouble relating to in this image. Anyway, i digress. i do look forward to seeing more of what you produce with the magazine.

Ian Cavanaugh said...

nice work man, but i would have to agree with jace. the climber is clipping a draw by the looks of it but its hard to tell because of the distance to the climber. Climbers clipping draws and plugging gear is very integral part of climbing but less interesting to look at. the interaction of the climber and the rock, or lack there of (falling) are what makes a climbing photo truly dynamic. other words nice work and is that dark horse, look familiar.