Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Inside

Here's more from my book


adam c said...

Megan, these are nice. The second one is particularly strong. I think that the more level and straight on perspective that you use in the first couple images--unlike the kitchen image--works better. It sort of monumentalizes the objects.

Camden Hardy said...

I agree with Adam. The dresser is a fantastic image. The ones with more distortion from the wide angle don't do much for me.

Very nice color too.

Bayard said...


I think the dresser image is the strongest and toilet image is the second strongest. The others have more "information" or more content than those two images.

Jackson said...

Are these scanned film? The saturations is great as is the grain/texture of the images. I'll "forth" the comment that the simplicity of the dresser and toilet is what makes them so strong (as well as the bed in your previous post).

Maybe if you pulled back form the closet shots and showed the closet as a whole, they would be less about the objects inside and more about it as a whole. Nice images!

megan dunbar said...

Thanks for all the comments guys.

I shot these with a Nikon D80 and I messed with the curves on them to make them seem cross processed. I am investigating the typologies in everyday objects. So in my book, on each page there are three photographs of the same type of space from three different homes. I wanted people to feel intimate and familiar with these spaces.

The first two that I posted are my favorite.

hgraham said...

or to expand on jackson's comment about the closet: maybe shoot one with the safe opened up...?