Monday, December 1, 2008

Help guys! Do any of you know a tutorial or technique for making a realistic "skin edge" along the lines of Aaron Nace's work. I just can't figure it out. I'm trying to turn this band into robots... thoughts and critique would be really helpful!


Kevin Ludwig said...

my best guess is to use a balloon, latex, or stalkings to get that effect. mess with it. tear it/abuse it and then overlay. In the case of the robots I think your mixer layering would work best due to the darker effect and loss of skin tones. I have always wanted to do a similar project of ripping out a a human shell but have not gotten that far. peeling paint or even dried paint on skin may work. fun idea. I hope to see how it comes along!

Megan E Thompson said...

I should have found a better example... I'm trying to make more of a lip around the chest plate with a more "realistic" hard edge. What I have is close to what I want but I'm a perfectionist and something isn't quite right.
Thanks for the ideas on ripping skin though! Those sound fun to mess with later!

Camden Hardy said...

I'm wondering if you can't achieve that effect with a few carefully masked curves layers...?