Thursday, June 19, 2008

a scan

This is a scan of one of my oldest and favorite tapes, Funke Funke Wisdom. It has been on my desk for months. I would suggest that you all go out and listen to some Kool Moe Dee and/or the Treacherous Three.


M. Thompson said...

I like it! Did you put blue paper behind it? Or is this just the natural scan tone?

zallen said...

is side b your fav too?

adam c said...
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adam c said...

Megan, it's just a piece of blue printer paper.

Zach, side 2 is my favorite side. It features the famous LL Cool J diss track, Death Blow, where he repeatedly tells LL to get of his "jock."

"Raise up son, I need jock relief"

"I'ma send you home in a body bag, with the mic in your throat and my jock for a gag."

Then, he calls him out by his real name, Todd, and assures him (and all the kids out there) that:

"You can't hang without a high school diploma."

zallen said...

haha i think you should something with your hip hop knowledge.
Could you get a degree/diploma in hip hop history?