Monday, June 16, 2008

New website

I just launched my new portfolio website a few days ago, so I thought I'd throw it out there for everyone to see.


christoalson said...
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christoalson said...

hey man,

i like the new site. looks really clean and easy to navigate. what are your thoughts on only having one portfolio up though. just wondering if you are considering putting up another body of work?

seeing you have all your new work makes me really kick myself in the ass too, i need to get my most recent work up. it feels weird to pull up my site to show people and have it be such old work.

anyways, looks good though. what are you up to this summer? if you head my way, give me a shout, i'd love to meet up. keep in touch.

ps- when is the big day?

Camden Hardy said...

I'm planning to have a total of 3-4 portfolios of new work up there, but this one's the only one that's got more than 3 images right now, so for the time being it's all on its own.