Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cameras for sale

Nikon F5 35mm SLR body only....$475 o.b.o.
Nikon F100 35mm SLR body only...$400 o.b.o.
Both bodies are like new condition. To inquire call Mark at 406-586-8417 or email: mroberts1@bresnan.net

Cambo 4x5 view camera
210 mm Caltar lens
90 mm Caltar lens
4x5 Polaroid 545i film back
Eight 4x5 sheet film holders
Dark cloth
Bellows extension ruler
Combi plan 4x5 developing tank
Total Package............$1,850 o.b.o.
excellent condition, very clean, shutters are accurate.
To inquire about this package call Kelly at 406-451-9838 or email: kelly@gorham-photography.com

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