Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Last Glacier Continued

Hi All, Hope you are having a wonderful summer. I guess schools starts in a few weeks. It feels strange not to be going back this year, but hopefully I will see some of you in passing. Please continue to post here. Looks like things have slowed down significantly. Let's not let the Blog die a slow death. It would be great to see what you are all up to while I am gone. My plan is to also blog here as well as on a new personal blog. I had hoped to start way back in the summer but I have had no success coming up with a blog name I like. If you all have any suggestions please send them my way.

I am just back from 9 days of heavy hiking in Glacier NP. 110 miles up some rather steep mountain sides. As a result I will need at least a week of recovery with lots of sleep. The Last Glacier project is coming along well. I think I made about 10 new images that on initial impressions look successful. I was photographing with my new Technical camera which was a significant improvement and solved many of the camera shake/movement issues I had last year.

On the way north we met with the new curator (Caleb Fey who has an MFA in photo from Yale) at The Holter Museum and we talked about details of our first exhibition of the project that will happen in 2015. Most likely that spring. Lots to do before then. Exited to make big, big prints.

Here are a couple of images from not very careful quick stitches. Enjoy.


Justin Stewart said...

My favorite one is the rock slide (the middle one).

Jealous of all your outdoor adventures you're getting. I sit on my back porch and mosquitoes flock to me.

Ian van Coller said...

Ya, me too.

Aaron Hyatt said...

Ian, Images are looking incredible! Definitely wish I could see the prints.

Potential Blog names:
Ghosting Glaciers or The Glacier Gamble, (if it's to be dedicated to to your current project.)

Other photo blog names - A Labor of Light or IVCapture

Once I have a legitimate day off, I'll plan on posting something here.

Ian van Coller said...

Thanks Aaron. There are 2 prints up in the faculty show on campus. I think there is a closing reception in September. You can see how I hung the pieces. Worked quite well, but I think it needs to be even more modular. Probably will end up using metal instead of the apple ply.

I have been thinking about a blog around walking, art and contemplation of the environment, and how they are connected.

Aaron Hyatt said...

I'll definitely plan on making the show! New pic you just posted is looking awesome as well.

I see why you're having trouble with a name, sublime stuff rarely articulates with brevity, I'll let you know if I think of something though.