Thursday, April 18, 2013

kayla goes high key

Here's some images for my advanced color final. The image quality was not what I initially expected, but to my benefit, the shit quality is want I'm looking for. These were shot with extremely expired slide film which I cross-processed...only to find the whole box is fogged. Yikes. When I pulled the rolls out of the tank they looked as if they hadn't been fixed at I cried, thinking I was screwed. But then I scanned these dense/bullet proof negatives to find magic. 
The images all have slight color casts. Generally a mint flavor or bubblegum sensation. Can't decide if I should keep the casts or nix'em. Project shall be in book form...I may be feelin' the casts. 
The project deals with the recollection of our memories. Exploring what's left behind, if there's anything left at all. What's fading. What's vague. What we desperately desire to hold onto. 
Thoughts are greatly welcome!

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Justin Stewart said...

It works for me. Accentuates the idea of fading.