Saturday, March 30, 2013


 These are the first images created for a series I am working on for my graduate school application.  THEY ARE STILL UNEDITED. They are shot with arista 4x5 and then the negatives are mordancaged and VERY meticulously manipulated.  The series is loosely based on me recently moving to a large city (san francisco) and having difficulties dealing with the loss of my ability to relate to the environmental surroundings.  Samhain (Sow-Win) is a Pagan celebration of the moment whenever the veils between this world and the next are at their thinnest.  This moment symbolizes the instance in which everything dies so that it may be reborn again and it acts as a metaphor for the re-definition of my environs.  I am excited for the development of this project and welcome any criticism and/or feedback.  Please tell me what you guys think.

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Sean Foulkes said...

They look pretty sweet, although I would think about your metaphoric use of such a stark, strong subject (Samhein) to explain yourself unless that aspect of paganism is a big part of who you are. As a viewer, I feel like there must be a very deliberate reason you associate the imagery with alternative (in terms of followers) religious dogma.

Without an artist statement, i'm just making assumptions based on what you show/tell here, but personally, if there's no connection, that's a pretty bold subject to frame your project with, and it seems unfair to both your imagery and paganism to juxtapose the two.

But like I said, I don't know your story.