Thursday, January 31, 2013

Film For Sale

What's goin everyone.

I have a bunch of film I bought in anticipation for a trip that is getting postponed, it's all been ordered directly from Kodak, and refrigerated since arrival.

What I got:
50 rolls of Ektar 35mm $4.99/roll
50 rolls of Ektar 120 $4.50/roll
5 rolls Portra 160 120 $5/roll
10 rolls Portra 160 35mm $6/roll
5 rolls Portra 400 35mm $7/roll
5 rolls Portra 400 120 $5/roll
10 rolls Provia 100f 120 $7/roll
5 rolls Provia 100f 35mm $5/roll
5 rolls Provia 400x 120 $7/roll
5 rolls Provia 400x 35mm $13/roll
2 boxes of 10 sheets Ektar 4x5 $25/each
1 box of 10 sheets Portra 400 $30

I also have a whole bunch of expired film including maybe 20 rolls of Kodak Plus-x (now discontinued). It too has been kilt in my fridge. I'll off those for $3 a pop. Some is more expired than others, some have a few months on me. Let me know if your interested in expired film, I have a lot of a lot.

If anyone is into 4x5, I have 7 boxes of 50 sheets (350 total) Kodak e100 slide. This stuff expired back in 08-09 but has been frozen since. I'll sell each box for $35, they were $180 originally, but that was a while ago.

If I sell some, cool, if not, I'll shoot it. Let me know if you need anything.



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