Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Infrared for senior!!

Cally Jane's House


Anonymous said...

Nice looking infrared, what's the concept?

Colter J. Nubson said...

Here's a rough statement:

On August 2nd 2012 I made a life changing decision. I joined the United States Navy. Ever since I joined the Navy I've felt pride myself and excited for the change. However, I began to realize that I often never ventured outside Montana and when I did it was always within the United States. I am very comfortable here and the more I think about this, this is one major reason I made the decision to join. For the next five years there is a good chance I won't see much of Montana. By the time I return the places I've become familiar with will no longer be familiar. My friends wont be there, past loves will have moved on and in their place only memories will exist. These infrared photographs are of places I lived, fell in love, fell out of love, and spots I loved to sit and “chill”.