Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mobile Apps

Anyone have a wish for a mobile app?

I would like to make an app that would be beneficial as a tool and/or reference guide whether its a matter of keeping track of your 4x5 negs or keeping notes.
Im not talking about putting lighting ratios or the zone system in app form because were supposed to know those by heart...but genuinely useful things that you could see yourself using? Id like to compile some of these in an app to build my portfolio.

A few ideas included an easy form to fill out regarding exposure settings and times for specific 4x5 negs or rolls so you can remember after the shoot. Another was shot scheduling tool for those he have to coordinate models, locations, and equipment checkouts....even an equipment checkout return reminder/notification!! (Im sure checkout would like that one).

I have a few other ideas but id like to ask those who still live, eat, and breathe photography. As you can tell i have found myself in a different medium than photography

One rule is that you cant use the app in the darkroom otherwise someone will rightfully hit you in the face. So...lets stick to one useful in the field.

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jackson said...

I want an app that lets me make awesome HDR images, Thanks.