Friday, February 25, 2011

Canon Loyalty Program

Canon customer service: 866-443-8002
Canon has a "loyalty program" where you can trade in a broken canon camera for a huge discount towards a canon-refurbished DSLR, including the 7D and 5D MK II. Seriously. Trade in a completely dead camera and get a DSLR (even a 1D MK IV) at refurb minus 20%.
You need to call the repair department to get current prices and models that are in stock. I also found a message board topic that people are buying broken point and shoot canons on ebay for under $30 and they all seem to count toward the loyalty program. I guess this secret's been out since 2006 or so, wish i would've known that when i got my 7D. Anyway people looking to get into FF, $1600 for the best FF camera on the market? not bad.
Apparently most of these refurbished cameras (Canon only refurbishes and sells returned cameras that come from its authorized retailers, not cameras bought on amazon, ebay, etc...) have very low shutter actuation counts, I'm talking less than fifty. The broken camera you send to them for the loyalty discount, however, can be from anywhere. Even an old film body, from what i've read, as long as it's canon and it's broken: it will work.
You can call the number above to get info on what models and how much the final cost would be for you. And i guess they only take broken cameras, so slide open the junk drawer and grab your hammer.
I'm going to look into it and see if I can get a refurb 5DII considering this is about $400 less than they sell used on eBay with no box or manual (or warranty). I'll update with any success I have.

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