Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Stuff: Astronautalis- The Wondersmith and His Sons

Hello everyone! Just wanted to stop in and share something new we've been working extremely hard on. This is my first shot at directing a music video. The crew was made up almost exclusively of MSU grads. Bryant Jansen co-directed with me as well as shot a good portion of it, Steve Goodloe was the B camera operator, Germain Gulick was our assistant director, and James Fitzpatrick edited it and did visual effects for us. I first started listening to Astronautalis' music while working in Check Out at MSU, and due to twitter he and I became good friends and he trusted us with making a music video for him. We plan on starting production on another video with him in February. Hopefully it's the start of something cool for all of us!


Max said...

Great work Megan!! Truly a unique and creative video. Love the Montana plate, haha. Keep it up.

hunter said...

wow megan that's fantastic