Thursday, May 29, 2008

Web Site Updated!

Finally updated and got my website running! Check it out and let me know if you encounter any problems or have any comments/critiques.


christoalson said...

zac, my only comment would be that the buttons seem a little small, especially the next/previous buttons. i felt like i had to be right on it exactly when navigating. might be worthwhile to make the hit area a little bigger than the actual text.

zallen said...

Thanks for the input chris, I am going to work on that as well as the header in the galleries.

Bayard said...

The new images that you added are excellent and kept me browsing.

I understand that when a visitor is viewing a specific gallery, it's nice to have a clean layout, but I would recommend trying to have the links on your homepage be consistent across the site.

The link to view your resume does not have a file extention (PDF). I would also recommend making a PDF from the original file if possible.

FYI, a Google search for your name puts you in the 7th-8th search result. If you're willing to remove your middle initial from the title tag of your site, then it will probably jump up to the very top.

Ian Roderer said...

Zac, in your transitory gallery, once I get to th picture of the bike, I can no longer click on the image to advance to the next one. The same is the case in one or two other spots, you might want to double check that stuff.

also, the photo of the lady with the stroller is very green.